Transient "The Circle"

Transient "The Circle"

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UPC/EAN: 634479257568
Cat#: none
Genre: Metal, Progressive
Release Date: 2006
Format: CD
Available for distribution: No
  1. Circle
  2. Enter the Grey
  3. What Lies Within
  4. As We Are
  5. Closer
  6. Watching, Waiting
  7. Absolution
  8. Traces

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Heavy, progressive, dark, melodic, melancholic, haunting; these are but a few words that were used to describe Transient. Inspired by bands such as The Gathering, Pain Of Salvation, Opeth, and countless more, Transient brings about twists and turns that range from a melancholic ballad (Enter The Grey), an odd time quirk (Closer), or a full out metal onslaught (The Circle), complimented with conceptual lyrics that bridge all the pieces together.

Edward Faust (ex-Etheria, Neil Rambaldi, Rivera/Bomma), a seasoned studio and live drummer, picked up the guitar for something other than "jamming." Songs began to emerge, and the layers were recorded. Originally intended to be a writing project, Ed continued performing with multiple acts for the next several years. After a while, disgusted and disenfranchised with the "diner-booth politics" and easily compromised integrity, Ed completely disassociated himself from a pursuit that once was, and made Transient his priority. Progress was slow, but the time has come, and that time is now.

Tom Engel (Alchemy-X), whom has performed "mostly (Stuff) that never made it's way out of the basement, was given a song that would one day become "The Circle," and was given complete autonomy with the lyrics, melodies, and harmonies went into the studio. The results were nothing less than exceptional, and over the next several years wrote and recorded various ranges and emotions. Unfortunately due to an unforeseen event, the vocals had to be redone for most of the songs. Ed called this a "happy accident" since Tom, who also is now also a member of Alchemy-X, had much more time to refine his already emotive voice. The results he gave in such the short time is also a statement of his drive, progress, and integrity.

"a masterpiece from who wants to hear good music, even if is heavy, prog, or pop"- ProgressiveBR - Brazil

"it's one of those records that make you feel like you discovered something really special" - Sea Of Tranquility - USA

"The music is progressive in it's own right and is all about the songs"- Progman Records - USA

"While a foreboding atmosphere anchors these tracks it's the melodies (especially the vocal melodies) that come to the forefront on these recordings." - Rough Edge - USA

"The band's most original aspect lies within their knack for a certain mellow melancholy. There exists a vibe that proves without a shadow of a doubt that Transient know where they want to go with their sound." - Live 4 Metal - UK

"Even though the overall sounds of Transient are kind of dark and powerful, Transient's music contains melodic sensibilities and emotional roller-coaster ride with complexity of prog metal sounds." Pilgrim World - Japan

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