Deliverance "Assimilation" (2cd Expanded)

Deliverance "Assimilation" (2cd Expanded)

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Retroactive Records
UPC/EAN: 628740828328
Cat#: RAR7839
Genre: Christian, Metal
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Format: CD
Available for distribution: No
  1. The Limitless Light
  2. From The Beginning
  3. Assimilation
  4. The Circle
  5. Sell Your Soul
  6. The Search
  7. The Learned Man
  8. Between 2 Worlds
  9. Impressions
  10. Save Me From…
  11. The Limitless Light (demo)
  12. Sell Your Soul (demo)
  13. The Search (demo)
  14. Save Me From (demo)
  15. Assimilation (instrumental demo)
  16. Between 2 Worlds (instrumental demo)
  17. The Limitless Light (instrumental demo)
  18. The Circle (instrumental demo)
  19. Sell Your Soul (instrumental demo)
  20. The Search (instrumental demo)
  21. Impressions (instrumental demo)
  22. The Learned Man (instrumental demo)
  23. From the Beginning (instrumental demo)
  24. Save Me From… (instrumental demo)

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Powerful progressive metal with an artistic flair and a seemingly endless amount of talent. For fans of Savior Machine, Queensryche, Iron Maiden.

Originally released in 2001 on the ill-fated Indie Dream Records, Assimilation continued in the progressive metal tradition made popular with classics such as Learn and Stay of Execution.  The problem fans had was simply finding a copy of the new release.  This world-class release on an indie label never found the type of quality distribution that could get this treasure into the hands of fans world-wide! In addition to being remastered, Retroactive Records reissues this hidden treasure with an entire bonus disc featuring demo tracks of all 10 songs that ended up on the final release as instrumentals, plus four tracks with vocals! The demos were Jimmy Brown’s first venture into recording in his home using Pro Tools and his computer.  He’s a fast learner!  These demo tracks feature outstanding fidelity and production.  

The following review by: Andrew Rockwell ( from the original 2002 release.

Following a six year hiatus after the release of Camelot In Smithereens in 1995, Deliverance returned with its seventh studio album and one of its finest efforts musically in Assimilation.  The talented Jimmy Brown continues to bring a strong melodic flavored but doomy David Bowie meets Geoff Tate (Queensryche) lead vocal style to the band.  Brown, at the same time, still excels as a guitarist, adorning the album from front to back with his super tight and crunchy guitar riffs.  Keyboardist David Gilbreath adds an industrial element to the bands hard rocking sound, lending a measure of foreshadowing to Brown's more industrial influenced side project Fearful Symmetry.

A legitimate case can be made that Assimilation features not only perhaps the strongest group of songs Jimmy Brown and company have put together, but that it represents the bands most noteworthy effort since Learn.  And irregardless of the inconsistencies of Deliverance's instrumental sound, Assimilation becomes a necessary purchase when taking into consideration Brown's first rate lead vocal and rhythm guitar abilities in addition to the albums solid production job.

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