Deliverance "Assimilation" (2cd Expanded)

Deliverance "Assimilation" (2cd Expanded)

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Retroactive Records
UPC/EAN: 628740828328
Cat#: RAR7839
Genre: Christian, Metal
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Format: CD
Available for distribution: No
  1. The Limitless Light
  2. From The Beginning
  3. Assimilation
  4. The Circle
  5. Sell Your Soul
  6. The Search
  7. The Learned Man
  8. Between 2 Worlds
  9. Impressions
  10. Save Me From…
  11. The Limitless Light (demo)
  12. Sell Your Soul (demo)
  13. The Search (demo)
  14. Save Me From (demo)
  15. Assimilation (instrumental demo)
  16. Between 2 Worlds (instrumental demo)
  17. The Limitless Light (instrumental demo)
  18. The Circle (instrumental demo)
  19. Sell Your Soul (instrumental demo)
  20. The Search (instrumental demo)
  21. Impressions (instrumental demo)
  22. The Learned Man (instrumental demo)
  23. From the Beginning (instrumental demo)
  24. Save Me From… (instrumental demo)

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