Aetherius "All That I Need to Survive"

Aetherius "All That I Need to Survive"

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UPC/EAN: 700261220932
Cat#: none
Genre: Metal, Progressive, Rock
Release Date: July 17, 2007
Format: CD
Available for distribution: Yes
  1. Zero A.E.
  2. Minding the Hourglass
  3. 6
  4. The New Way of Thinking
  5. Hold onto Your Dreams
  6. Evolve or Dissolve
  7. In the Here and the Now
  8. Rainbands

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In the multitudes of sapient beings that inhabit planet Earth, there exists a line.  This line is not visible, nor tangible, but it exists.  It segregates the generic, meaningless, and purposeless majority from those whose legacies live on in perpetuity.  These are the people who have brought something unique to the proverbial table; something that stimulates the intellect while simultaneously provoking change.  Aetherius is the feeble and utterly hopeless attempt of four meaningless individuals to traverse this line; to shun the path laid before them by their ancestors; to say “there’s more to life than this.”  The entities referred to as RMB, STB, DJG, and GSM are the medium through which Aetherius’ abstractions are shared with the population.  From the vile and begrimed streets of modernity, they come into existence to represent the adolescent ambitions that were exterminated by the reality of today’s society.  They are but memories of an age when anything was possible and the distant future was only a day away.  Any personal information relative to the four individuals mentioned prior is extraneous because the lives (lies) they lead outside of Aetherius are not worthy of any further documentation.  They simply invite you to listen…

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