Jason Rubenstein "New Metal from Old Boxes" - MP3

Jason Rubenstein "New Metal from Old Boxes" - MP3

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UPC/EAN: 855492005008
Cat#: TCM01
Genre: Instrumental, Progressive
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Format: MP3
Available for distribution: No
  1. The Contemplation of the Cosmologer
  2. Calculation and Walkaway
  3. The Set Up
  4. The Blow Off
  5. Unspeakable Highways
  6. A Burden of Secrets
  7. The Snowflake Defines the Weather
  8. Frankenstein On The Red Line
  9. The Steppes of Sighs Part 1
  10. The Steppes of Sighs Part 2
  11. New Metal from Old Boxes
  12. The Barbarian

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Jason Rubenstein has been writing and producing music since 1995. His latest release, “New Metal From Old Boxes” is a return to his progressive-rock roots with a loud, heavy, energetic and modern suite of instrumentals that evoke King Crimson, ELP, NiN, and classical music.

Written, performed and produced by Jason, it is a change in style from his previous mixed-genre CDs. “I love progressive rock.”, Jason said, “I grew up on it, and I was in a prog-rock band in the 80s, back when prog really was not cool. Recently, I needed to hear new music that carries forward the heavier, 20th-century-classical progressive-rock sound. It was a challenge; nothing felt quite right to me. For “New Metal From Old Boxes”, I just wrote what I felt, and used a limited set of classic textures: piano, Hammond B3, huge drums, Oberheim and Moog synthesizers, and bass & guitar.”
“New Metal From Old Boxes” features classic, loud rock production and a movie-like tension-filled soundtrack vibe. Imagine if ELP, NiN, Wendy Carlos, and Philip Glass got together to score the soundtrack for a heist movie.

Jason Rubenstein’s music has been heard on National Public Radio, NBC Television, Soma.fm, and in the film “Replicant”. In 2000, he was featured in an EQ magazine article “Adventures in Sound Design”, and his sound design was used in ABC’s television series “Lost”. In March of 2014, Jason released an EP titled “This is Not a Love Letter”. “New Metal From Old Boxes” is his sixth release.

The music is heavy, cinematic, relentless. There is not one ballad or slow-moving track.

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