Jupiter VI "Back From Mars"

Jupiter VI "Back From Mars"

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Retroactive Records
UPC/EAN: 628740808528
Cat#: RAR7828
Genre: Christian, Metal
Release Date: October 27, 2006
Format: CD
Available for distribution: No
  1. Back From Mars
  2. The Human Endeavor
  3. Mimes Hill
  4. Corporate Stiff
  5. From Here Till Ever
  6. Passions
  7. In a World Of...
  8. All Day and All of the Night
  9. Through the Speakers (Alien Synth Mix)
  10. Lucidia
  11. Brand New Day
  12. Zurich Von Mars

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Critically acclaimed as THE modern rock record of the Decade, from thrash-master Deliverance frontman, Jimmy Brown. Think David Bowie meets The Killers and Deliverance/Lacuna Coil. Absolutely amazing.

Jimmy Brown (Deliverance) delivers nothing less than his most challenging record to date, confirming his place at rock's most cutting edge, even today.  BACK TO MARS is driven by jagged guitars and genuine pop songs with cinematic flair, embedded in an off-kilter metallic mix.  This David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust inspired album flourishes in a glitzy array of riffs, hooks, and melodrama from start to finish. Far from Jimmy's  work with Deliverance, the brilliance of Jupiter VI may come in their ability to wear their influences on their sleeves (Bowie, Daniel Amos, Iggy Pop, Cheap Trick) while creating a modern rock album ready to dominate the world!  If Jimmy Brown's vision was to create an album that is out of this world, he succeeded in grand, sweeping fashion!  Prepare for take-off!

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