Anubis Gate "The Detached" - MP3

Anubis Gate "The Detached" - MP3

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Nightmare Distribution
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Genre: Metal, Progressive, Rock
Release Date: March 30, 2009
Format: MP3
Available for distribution: No
  1. On The Detached
  2. Find A Way (Or Make One)
  3. Yiri
  4. Lost In Myself
  5. Dodecahedron
  6. Pyramids
  7. Out Of Time
  8. Bloodoath
  9. Ammonia Snow
  10. Options - Going Nowhere
  11. A Lifetime To Share
  12. The End...

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Released on the 30. of March 2009, the album titled ”The Detached” features 12 amazing songs by Anubis Gate. All based on a story by renowned game play writer Martin Rauff and set to lyrics by Anubis Gate's own Henrik Fevre. The album was produced by Jacob Hansen and Kim Olesen, and features the same line-up as Andromeda Unchained. This album sees the band further develop their unique style of progressive power metal, with new twists and turns, but as always with the song-writing taking the high seat. The album is a concept album featuring the story of Bilao, who is one of a few "detached". A human race able to move in time by sheer physical power. The Album features some of Anubis Gate's strongest songwriting to date and brings to fore the blend of hard guitars, beautiful soundscapes and melodic vocals, that fans have come to expect of Anubis Gate.

The press said: “You can actually say that Anubis Gate has left Dream Theater behind and they proved that you don’t have to be that "techie" to produce a fine work of art” and “make The Detached your very next CD purchase. Deal? Trust me, you won't regret it”.

Epic melodic progressive rock/metal in the traditions of Genesis to Dream Theater.

HEAVYMETAL.DK - 10/10 RATING "Almost "unbeatably beautiful" and..."masterpiece" are the descriptive words used about ANUBIS GATES new album HORIZONS." 

PROGSPHERE - 10/10 RATING "The most criminally underrated working band in progressive metal today."


METAL TEMPLE - 10/10 RATING "In the end, any expectations I had of this release were not met, but blown away."

LADY OBSCURE - 5/5 RATING "Horizons is a must have” album in your music collection."

THE RIGHT TO ROCK - 4/4 RATING "This is some stellar shit...what an album!"

METAL ONLY - 9/10 RATING "An enormous, varied, highly melodic piece of rock music with addiction risk"

DPRP - Album of the Week!

SEA OF TRANQUILITY - 4.5/5  "When we look back on 2014 Anubis Gate's Horizon will surly be in contention as one of the premier progressive releases."

BLACK WIND METAL - 4/5 RATING "Horizons succeeds in ways I feel the band’s last album fell short"


AOR WEBSITE - Italy - 90/100 RATING "...a wide kaleidoscope of emotions and atmospheres that make us understand how undervalued Anubis Gate has been to date."


METAL OBSERVER - 8/10 RATING "Anubis Gate are the most criminally underrated working band in progressive metal today."

METALIZED (Denmark) - 8/10 RATING

METALLIZED (Italy) - 77/100 RATING "...the group have achieved with Horizons a maturity that was missing from past far their best release to date." 

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