Grand Lux "Carved in Stone"

Grand Lux "Carved in Stone"

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Ulterium / Inner Wound
UPC/EAN: 786984950028
Cat#: none
Genre: Metal
Release Date: July 31, 2007
Format: CD
Available for distribution: Yes
  1. 1000 Paper Cranes
  2. Fallen Angel
  3. Escaping the Clouds
  4. Eye Of the  Storm
  5. Through Dirt
  6. Like Hail from Blue Sky
  7. Love Reflection
  8. Never Fall
  9. Eternity in Fire
  10. Rainbow's End

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Grand Lux is 5 pieces of great musicians. They hail from Norway. The land that we get use to hear black and death metal hails from there, but this here band plays my favorite kind of metal.... Heavy Metal . I have to say that I was impressed to know that this album is just the second full-length album for this band. Just the second, and they have done a great job. Usually, new bands sound better by the 4th album or playing a lot of shows to improve their performance and their instrumental range. And I don t only consider this a good point, I consider it a good, big and huge point in Grand Lux's account of their music career. Musically, they are just perfect to carry on their own emotions and personified it in a form of tones and music. Vocally, I see Phil as a perfect power and heavy metal vocals for his high pitch that he has. Lyrically, they are aware of the words inside their heads and hearts. Listening to their own style of music, makes you imagine that you are back in the 70th with its genuine music and sense. I think we are beholding the breaking out a great band that will be able to get itself a name next to Dio, Judas Priest and many other bands that have and had been a great influence to us now. --METAL CENTER / Rating: 9/10

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