Nightshade "Stand And Be True"

Nightshade "Stand And Be True"

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UPC/EAN: 4030118500709
Cat#: HE500708
Genre: Metal, Power
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Format: CD
Available for distribution:
  1. On The Road To Madness
  2. Lucifer's Angel
  3. Undead
  4. The Walls Of Derry
  5. Strange Aeons (pt.1)
  6. Strange Aeons (pt.2)
  7. Stand And Be True
  8. We Will Fight
  9. Time

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- The long overdue third album of these former Q5 musicians
- Premiumbooklet with band photos, lyrics etc.
- Gig at the traditional metal festival Headbangers Open Air
- Great reviews in many relevant magazines


- Out of the ashes of Seattle legends like Q5 or TKO this band formed in the early 90s to deliver a classic piece of earthy but moving heavy metal with catchy tunes and chunky riffing on their "Dead of night" album. After that they disappeared from a scene contaminated with all kinds of punk, groove metal, independent rock and deathmetal. In 2001 finally they decided to give it a new try for the time seemed to be right and here they were with their second album, which is not a bit weaker than the first, no even greater, filled to the max with those blistering rhythms and shredding riffs that combine the power of metal and the heaviness of hardrock in a way bands like Saxon did in their earliest days around 1980. A very cheerfully accepted gig on the Headbangers Open Air brought them many new fans. And now they are back with a new album!


- Dead of night (LP, Music for Nations, 1991)
- Dead of night (CD, Music for Nations, 1991)
- Men of iron (CD, Hellion Records, 2001)
- Dead of night (CD, Delinquent Records, 2003)
- Stand and be true (CD, Hellion Records, 2008)

Line Up:

- Jonathan Scott K. - Vocals
- Rick Pierce - Guitars
- Evan Sheeley – Bassguitar
- Frankie Rongo – Drums

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