Anubis Gate "Horizons" - Special MP3

Anubis Gate "Horizons" - Special MP3

Nightmare Records
UPC/EAN: 734923006602
Cat#: NMR-577
Genre: Metal, Progressive, Rock
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Format: MP3
Available for distribution: No
  1. Destined To Remember
  2. Never Like This (A Dream)
  3. Hear My Call
  4. Airways
  5. Revolution Come Undone
  6. Breach Of Faith
  7. Mindlessness
  8. Horizons
  9. A Dream Within A Dream
  10. Erasure

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***EXCLUSIVE*** Included in this DL is a pdf file with musician commentary from each A.G. member giving insider details

on and about each track on the album." 

Finally the eagerly anticipated sixth album of Danish Prog-Metallers Anubis Gate is here. Horizons is unquestionably the bands most mature work to date. Combining their signature epic songwriting with the brilliant production team of Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen.

Anubis Gate hit the studio the summer of 2013 recording their new opus “Horizons” which is unmistakably Anubis Gate’s sound yet goes again to new places. Places perhaps one would call daring From the liquid grooves to uneven time signatures, trademark soundscapes and heavy, sometimes even thrash metal riffing you will know this is both in the tradition of the band yet breaks new ground. Anubis Gate blend 80’s melodic heavy rock, epic ambience and a contemporary dark layered progressive metal. Inspired by the likes of Savatage, Genesis, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Iced Earth, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Lord Bane & Tad Morose yet sounding completely unique. New guitarist Michael Bodin’s heavy riffing works exceptionally well in a duel with long time guitarist Kim Olesen. The forward driving drums, courtesy of new drummer Morten Gade Sørensen, are a treat in themselves. Henrik Fevres melodic vocals are even more amazing and heartfelt than ever before. “Horizons” showcases the band on it’s highest peak. Anubis Gate 2014 is: Henrik Fevre, Kim Olesen, Michael Bodin and Morten Gade Sørensen.

HEAVYMETAL.DK - 10/10 RATING "Unbeatably Beautiful...Masterpiece"." 

PROGSPHERE - 10/10 RATING "The most criminally underrated working band in progressive metal today."

METAL TEMPLE - 10/10 RATING "In the end, any expectations I had of this release were not met, but blown away."

LADY OBSCURE - 5/5 RATING "Horizons is a must have” album in your music collection."

THE RIGHT TO ROCK - 4/4 RATING "This is some stellar shit...what an album!"

METAL UNDERGROUND (Austria) - 5/5 RATING " ...the Danes here truly serve us a masterpiece"

AARDSCHOK - 90/100 RATING "Once again a great result of a great band that I believe are greatly underestimated."

METAL ONLY - 9/10 RATING "An enormous, varied, highly melodic piece of rock music with addiction risk"

DPRP - Album of the Week!

LORDS OF METAL - 9/10 RATING "Hungry! The band is really going for it, all out, on every song...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

SEA OF TRANQUILITY - 4.5/5 RATING  "When we look back on 2014 Anubis Gate's Horizon will surly be in contention as one of the premier progressive releases."

BLACK WIND METAL - 4/5 RATING "Horizons succeeds in ways I feel the band’s last album fell short"

METAL ARCHIVES & HEAVY METAL HEAVEN - 93/100 "Anubis Gate are an act that have found and perfected their sound"


POWER OF METAL (Denmark) - 90/100 RATING "I was not expecting something so fresh, vibrant, and, simply put, fantastic."

METAL.iT 9/10RATING "Horizons" album hardly beatable, at least in 2014. An absolute masterpiece."

TIME FOR METAL - 9/10 RATING "...a rollercoaster of emotions and want to ride again and again"

HEAVY LAW - 9/10 RATING "This album will certainly be in my top 5 of 2014!"

TIME FOR METAL- 9/10 RATING "one of the top albums of 2014 in the progressive metal…Definitely a buy recommendation!"

AOR WEBSITE - Italy - 90/100 RATING "...a wide kaleidoscope of emotions and atmospheres that make us understand how undervalued Anubis Gate has been to date."

MADE IN METAL - 10/10 RATING "We are not used to give points to the disks in our website, but this insurance would have a 10."

ROCKNYTT (Sweden) - 9/10 RATING "Closer total perfection than this when it comes to music is hard to get"

TITLE - 9/10 "perhaps the most important merit of the band is that you can rarely make parallels to other bands in the same sound universe"


METAL OBSERVER - 8/10 RATING "Anubis Gate are the most criminally underrated working band in progressive metal today."

WE LOVE METAL - 8/10 RATING "Crystal clear production... The high quality Metal here is essential for the Prog Metal fan, especially those of you looking for music with both subtly and intensity."

METALIZED (Denmark) - 8/10 RATING

METALLUS.iT - 8/10 Mag Rating 9.65/10 User Rating "...full of passion and dramatic symphonic inserts make this new job of Anubis Gate very varied and interesting "

DANGERDOG - 4/5 RATING  "..the progressive nature of their metal is nearly disguised by their wall of sound."

METALLIZED (Italy) - 77/100 RATING "...the group have achieved with Horizons a maturity that was missing from past far their best release to date." 

METAL OBSESSION - NO RATING "...some great melodic heights and have some beautiful ear candy that helps keep the album fresh compared to their corollaries with some lush acoustic sections "

  1. Great Album! Review by Patrick

    With this record you show once again that rock and metal still offers surprises! Very good vocals und heavy guitar riffs. AND very very versatile songs! BUT one thing: There are many parts in some of the songs where i wished "damn it must go longer or coming for more times in the song! e.g. , "Horizons" 1:30 - 1:45, "Breach for faith" 3:10 - 3:40, "Revolution come undone" 0:12 - 0:30, AND SPECIALLY > "A dream within a dream" 4:30 - 4:50 man this part sounds so awesome you must use it longer :) But otherwise a very great record! Best regards from germany! and good success! (Posted on 4/16/14)

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